Best CyberSecurity Solution For Small Business

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Owning a small business is rewarding but it’s something that’s always presented unique challenges, and in this day and age there’s one issue more pressing than most. 

As the world moves to a totally digital landscape and all business industries make the shift, having protection and security in cyberspace is something that should be a top priority for every company.

Small business cyber security is something every business owner should be aware of, and there are now many products that can help you achieve exactly that. 

Finding the right fit for your company and employees can be difficult when you don’t know what you’re looking for exactly, with options including cyber security training or software to keep your systems protected.

This comprehensive guide will show you the top performers when it comes to SMB cybersecurity with products that cover all of the important areas. 

With our help, you’ll know what the best of the best looks like in small business information security so that you can have the peace of mind that your company is being protected.

With our help, you’ll get the basics of cyber security and see what types of products are out there to protect your business, employees, and customers from the hidden dangers that lurk out there. 

With so many uncertainties in the online world and the need to keep your treasured company safe and sound, there’s never been a better time to develop your own small business cyber security plan.

Recommendations For The Best Cyber Security Solutions

Small businesses are some of the most at risk for cyber attacks, and thankfully there’s a whole market of solutions available to suit these specific types of companies. 

We’ve found some of the top performers in small business network security that are easy to learn, reasonably priced, and extremely effective at preventing cybersecurity attacks and keeping your business protected.

#1 Panda Security – Fusion

Panda Security Logo

Panda Security is a pretty big name in cybersecurity, providing everything from personal protection to large scale systems designed for business. 

Fusion is one of their leading products and a favorite for small business owners because it offers all aspects including malware protection, infrastructure management, and centralized control.

This is a total system that offers many functions including a centralized cloud console, anti-malware and spyware protection, web and mail protection, and patch management. 

It’s both an endpoint protection and systems management in one, so you’ll never have to rely on another cybersecurity solution.

According to reviews, the best thing about Panda’s Fusion Suite is the usability of the interface and how you can easily customize it suit your business. 

Everything is laid out clearly and you don’t have to use any functions you don’t need. 

Whether you’re totally new to cybersecurity or have a detailed plan in mind, it’s all easily done from the one central hub with this software.

On the downside, it’s very hard to get definite figures from the Panda website about costs, though it is considered one of the more expensive options with some customers mentioning around $90 per computer on the system. 

You do have the option of a free trial and free demo though, so you can see everything that Fusion is about and whether it’d be a good fit for your small business.

There are plenty of options for deployment including Mac and Windows, provided you are running anything later than XP. 

Their training includes webinars, live in-person seminars, and online lessons, so you can choose one that suits your employees. 

They offer ongoing and live support during business hours and have developed a product intended to work with any type of business in any sector.

Panda Fusion is the most comprehensive cybersecurity system that this brand provides and it lets you remotely protect and manage your entire IT setup including smartphones and smaller devices. 

For a complete package that comes with a premium price tag to match, Panda Fusion is our number one choice for small businesses.


#2 Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection

Comodo Security Logo

Comodo Advanced Endpoint Protection is a great solution for small businesses who are specifically looking for endpoint solutions and want somewhere easy to manage all of their devices. 

This software comes in either Core or Premium versions with differing price points and features, including antivirus and containment, mobile device management, file verdict service, and immediate threat notifications.

This gives you great central control of all of the devices and computers running through your small business so you have one place to do everything, with customers loving the ease of use in seeing what all of their devices were up to. 

As an endpoint protection program, it’s pretty thorough and you don’t need to second guess security because you know that everyone is protected and even smaller devices are covered.

Where some people felt that this cybersecurity program fell short was in the training and implementation stages. 

Some clients said that things felt a little rushed and they were left figuring out a lot of functions for themselves, with usability lacking. 

Therefore, you’ll need to spend a little more time in training if this applies to you, and don’t be afraid to use the ongoing customer support. 

Another negative was slow updates and patches which required multiple attempts to download in some cases, however, this didn’t seem the case for every customer.

This software uses less than 1% of your CPU and is only 20MB in size, so it won’t take up any room at all. 

It’s compatible with all operating systems and comes with live ongoing assistance available 24/7 when you need it. 

Comodo gives a guarantee that every file they scan will receive a verdict so there’s no second-guessing whether some are dangerous, and you won’t lose any files that truly matter.

For a specific endpoint agent that can take care of every computer, device, and employee on your small business network, this one has a lot to offer. 

Their prices are around $90 per computer for three years so you only ever have to buy for the number of devices your business uses. 

It’s an easy to use and centralized security management software suite that guarantees absolute protection so you don’t have to worry.



Sans Security Logo

To get involved with a reputable company that provides cybersecurity training to small businesses, the SANS Institute is rated one of the best. 

SANS is a large private organization in the US dedicated to information security and cybersecurity, and they have over 60 courses available to choose from can have someone train you and your employees on potential threats that lurk online. 

You decide what’s relevant to your business and they provide in-depth training as well as recommendations for services and practices that you can implement for yourself.

What makes SANS such a huge name in this type of training is the number of courses they have available, and there are over 60 to choose from which is a huge advantage over other training providers. 

You’ll be able to choose from basic introductory courses like Introduction to Cyber Security or something more advanced like Implementing and Adjusting the Critical Security Controls.

On the downside though, some people have said that their training seems out of date in some aspects. 

Considering you’re spending a lot of money and need to know that the information you’re given is up to date and can actually be used in the workplace, this is a huge consideration you’ll have to make. 

Therefore, choosing live training sessions would be the best way to ensure you’re getting modern teachings.

Depending on the course you choose, you can have it delivered live in your workplace or as an online lesson, so it’s totally flexible for how you run the workplace. 

These courses can be taken just by management or the dedicated IT person in your company, or you can opt for a group class that involves all of your employees at your small business. 

Phone support is offered after training for follow up questions, and the addition of this recent service has been well received by customers.

The cost of course through SANS Institute differ depending on the content and style, with management courses costing upwards of $5,000 in some cases. 

Although the initial outlay can seem pricey, there are countless positive reviews that claim this is one of the best, so you have the knowledge to keep your small business safe from any cybersecurity threats that come your way.


#4 Webroot Business Endpoint Protection

Webroot Security Logo

When endpoint protection is your specific goal, our number one choice is Webroot Business Endpoint Protection. 

This cybersecurity software runs in real-time and protects you from live threats as they happen, offering you far more advanced protection than a standard anti-virus suite ever could alone. 

You’ll be able to protect not just the computers on your company network but also smaller devices like smartphones, tablets, and other virtual environments.

According to reviews of Webroot, the best thing about this program was the speed. 

You’re able to run complete scans on all of the devices on your network in under a minute with a complete and detailed report at the end. 

It won’t slow down your system like others and is incredibly lightweight to install. 

It manages all of this while still being one of the most detailed in terms of threats they pick up and providing solutions to them.

The only minor negative that customers mentioned was how liberal the program could be at blocking certain things that weren’t actually threats. 

As you’re getting to know the software and it’s learning about what you regularly use, you may need to make some adjustments with what it perceives as dangerous. 

After a few months it shouldn’t be an issue but be prepared to spend some time sorting through issues while your business and Webroot get to know each other better.

Other notable features of the Webroot Business Endpoint Protection software is the online management, one device control, security awareness training, and full compatibility with most operating systems. 

Their customer service and support is available 24/7 either online or on the phone, so no matter what issues you’re facing they’ll be able to make them a priority. 

Having this round the clock service is great for small businesses that usually work at odd hours, which is pretty common these days.

Webroot Business Endpoint Protection is one of the better-priced endpoint protection systems we’ve reviewed, with a price of around $170 for up to five endpoint users. 

They offer different options for purchasing, like pay as you go monthly services or annual subscriptions, and each comes with its own benefits when trying to negotiate costs. 

If endpoint protection is your top priority, our number one choice is definitely Webroot.


#5 Astra

Astra Security Logo

We know how important cybersecurity is but it can also be expensive, so if you’re on the lookout for something a lot more budget-friendly then Astra is our top pick. 

If your business operates on a website and you need to protect it, Astra offers features like malware protection, country blocking, team collaboration, and file scanning, and it’s all controlled on one simple dashboard.

The best thing about this program is how it runs seamlessly in the background as you go about your business, protecting you from all kinds of intruders like hackers, bots, and other threats. 

It’s a huge selling point for your business to have and something that gives peace of mind to customers and clients as well, so it’s a must-have for your website.

Astra Web Security is made specifically for businesses who do their trading online, whether it’s partially or completely. 

It’s not designed to be a total endpoint solution so don’t assume it’ll protect your computers and devices, which is where some clients felt they were let down. 

Some customers use this in conjunction with another endpoint program which can end up costing a lot more money, but if you operate a business online and need your website to be safe then this is the only way to go.

Astra operates with a number of functions including behavioral analytics, AI/machine learning, whitelisting and blacklisting, and incident management. 

The software is flexible enough to work with any type of setup your small business had and can operate with a number of websites from the one command station. 

It’s easy to use and fully customizable and gives you multiple options for dealing with potential problems.

This is by far the most affordable and effective cybersecurity program we’ve found, with prices starting at $19 a month for their Pro version for small business websites or $119 a month for larger companies wanting complete security software.

If you want effective and complete protection from cybersecurity threats without spending too much of your monthly budget, Astra is the best choice around.


An Introduction To Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity refers to the protection of computers and related systems against potential threats or harm being done to their data, software, or hardware, and protection against any harm that these attacks can do on standard operations or services. 

This can be as simple as an anti-virus software protection installed on a computer to a more serious setup with hardware and software protection around the clock.

Small businesses make up such a large portion of the US workforce, with an estimated half of our total workforce being employed by one. 

With that in mind, the online safety of these smaller companies has become a huge priority as most aren’t operating with the funds or detailed software and hardware solutions that larger ones have to protect against cyber threats.

The market for cybersecurity solutions has grown in recent years to offer a range of protection for small businesses. 

Depending on your operations and services, the data you work with, and the specific requirements your company has, there are plenty of great options out there for protecting it, your customers, and your employees.

FAQs About Small Business Cyber Security

Cybersecurity is an important part of any sized business, but it requires a whole new approach from the owners of small businesses. 

We’ve answered some common questions that people have about protecting their small business with the help of cyber security to show you what it’s such an essential line of defense to have.

Why Is Important To Have Cybersecurity?

With some form of cybersecurity, a business or individual could be greatly damaged. 

Potential threats that can cause serious damage to a business include identity theft, disruption to trading, stolen funds and assets, and theft of corporate information. 

A cybersecurity system can prevent this from occurring.

Why Companies Need Cybersecurity?

Illustration Of Cybersecurity For Companies

Any business that does any of their standard dealings connect to an internet network will be at risk of potential damages and should have some level of cybersecurity. 

How much you operate online and the type of business you do will determine how much protection you need and what type, but all modern businesses should have at least some cybersecurity in place.

How Can A Business Protect From Cyber-Attacks?

There are various ways that a business can protect from cyber attacks, with each method offering something specific like protection of data or encryption from outside threats. 

Some forms include anti-virus software, encryption software, backing up data, keeping hardware protected, and hiring an IT professional to work with your business.

Why Are Small Businesses Especially Vulnerable To Cyber-Attacks?

Small businesses are generally targeted by cybercriminals because they have weaker protection systems in place, assuming that nobody would want to bother with their smaller company. 

While they don’t have the finances or resources to have large scale cybersecurity like other companies, there are still affordable and practical ways that they can prevent these attacks.

How To Train Your Employees For Cybersecurity?

There are a number of ways to educate employees on cybersecurity for small business owners. 

You can run live training, educate them on potential threats, install software on the company computers and train them on how to use it effectively, and have regular evaluations and educational updates on how your business is dealing with cybersecurity.

The Most Important Defense a Business Can Have

No matter the size of your business, there’s no excuse to not have a cybersecurity system in place. 

Many small businesses make the mistake of thinking that small business internet security and prevention of cyber attacks is only something that larger companies have to worry about when they’re actually more at risk than anyone.

Endpoint security, training and education, and website protection are just some simple methods you can use to protect your business, and although it can be costly, the alternative will end up being a lot more expensive. 

A business can lose money, clients, and sensitive data in seconds with a cyber attack, so it’s not something you want to leave to chance.

Whether you’re looking for information security for small businesses or something to prevent against hackers and bots, there’s bound to be the ideal solution out there for your company with these programs we’ve reviewed. 

These days, it’s easier than ever to install a cybersecurity system at work that’s affordable and effective, so don’t assume that this type of protection is just for Fortune 500 companies.

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